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  • Lazer Cutting

    1-25 mm Steel Plate, Structural Steel Plates 1-25 mm 1-12 mm aluminum corrosion Plate 1-3 mm Brass, Titanium, Copper Plate Pipe - Profile Cutting Works

  • Technological Quality Control

    CMM Source Penetration test, measurement Microlight, Material Hardness Measurement

  • Wide Production Network

    Eccentric Press Section - Resources Department - Department of CNC - Laser Department - Department of Powder - Mold Department - Department of Hydraulic Press

  • "To follow the developing technology of trained and experienced staff, our company aims to provide more quality services to customers, keeping the quality of the management system is at the forefront of production without compromising quality."

  • AR Group Machinery Industry registered In 1975, is continuing in parallel with the development of technology, NEW HOLLAND, Turkish Tractor, ERKUNT Tractor industry continues to work as well as company ASELSAN
  • 2D cutting, milling and drilling operations applied in the desired shape of the cut away from the desired form of the computer is a subtraction of a smoothly operating unit

    The advantage of laser devices for his cutting with laser